Hi there, Welcome to my cyber home.

www.Palmer Chin.com  

Unidted States of America

This is my retirement home. Jesus  

Email address: Palmer Chin 
Residence: Lakewood, Ohio
My home town is Lakewood. See some Pictures - PanOramio from around Lakewood.

Live Web Cam Chinalane Restaurant

Lakewood is a western suburb of 
Cleveland Ohio in Chinese
Ohio, Cleveland.
Places around Lakewood on the web.
The home of The Rock, Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns  Cleveland Orchestra
Cleveland Metropark Zoo.

A view from space
Cleveland Weather forecast. Regional Radar.

State of Ohio motto:
With God all things are possible.

What time is it?"

Who am I:

  Welcome to my web home page.
This site was first created on June 9, 1996. These pages were created through the help of Netcom's Personal Web page builder. My live web camera page.
You can locate me using Yahoo: Palmer Chin, or Google Palmer Chin.

My Chinese name Chin I'm an "ABC", American Born Chinese,
born in Cleveland and raised in Lakewood, Ohio.
My Chinese last name is Chin.
Chinese New Year: 4713, is February 19, 2015  the year of the Sheep/Goat.

Alumni of Lakewood High School, Class motto "Keep On Truckin!"
I have a B.S. in Electronic Engineering Technology from Cleveland State University.
My Resume.                                                                    

I am the president for the Aldersgate Sunday school class at Lakewood United Methodist Church.

My favorite radio station in the car is WCLV.
My pet bird. His name was: Bird. Live webcam pet Goldfish   "The Old Gang"Brothers & sister

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Last  updated on: August 6, 2015

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